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THE HOUSEFIRE CAT CLUB celebrated the release of its fourth book, CABBAGE LANGUAGE by Robert Duncan Gray, at the Pointy House in Portland, OR on Groundhog Day, Saturday Feb. 2, 2013. A great many bottles of wine were brutally murdered. A great many cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon were dutifully chugged. Glitter inexplicably fell from every ceiling. Everyone was naked by 10 pm. Old drugs were consumed. New drugs were invented. One couple got married in the bathroom and divorced in the backyard just twenty minutes after the honeymoon, which happened in Eirean Bradley’s bedroom. There were a thousand kittens in every room pouring champagne all over everyone and everything. The night ended in the early morning with meat, raw and bloody and delicious.

Many thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate. You are beautiful. Particular thanks to Robyn, Eirean, Brian and Stephen for hosting us in your lovely home. Particular particular thanks to Julian, Frances, Richard, Robyn, Riley and Cambrian Explosion, for sharing truly wonderful work and making the night so special.

Enjoy the following photos taken throughout the evening by Rob and bio’s of all our readers by Riley.

JULIAN SMUGGLES is the moment between pleasure and regret, a feeling so grand and so dreadful that it has never been given a name (until now, it’s called JULIAN SMUGGLES, tell your friends).

FRANCES DINGER is a mix CD that you made for an ex but held onto, unwilling to waste such good music on such a temporary lover.

RICHARD CHIEM is a cat’s favorite blanket (I have proof).

ROBYN BATEMAN is a sky of falling birds, the war against gravity finally lost.

RILEY MICHAEL PARKER is a ghostly double of Robyn Bateman, except all he ever wants to do is make out, French style, until lips chap and tongues bleed and teeth rattle and fall out. In the end you’re not really kissing at all, but rubbing gums together and it doesn’t hurt anymore. Actually it feels kinda good.

ROBERT DUNCAN GRAY is the light that the moon gives us, stolen from the sun, washing our naked bodies in a cold indifference that we often mistake for approval.




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